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How many times have you seen or listened to an entrepreneur profiled in the media as a “white-male, hoodie-wearing, unicorn-hunting Stanford engineer”? Hungry for substantive advice from accomplished entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders who look and sound like you? Welcome to BroadMic where we are breaking the mold about what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. “You have to see it to be it!” Here you will learn from unconventional role models, get the picks and shovels you need, and access the candid conversations that normally go on behind closed doors. It’s no longer necessary for women and minorities to sacrifice their identities in order to fit into the tech community. We believe in strengthening the BroadMic community through shared expertise. Together, we can change the narrative. No more white papers, no more studies, no more theses about change – let’s act! #ThinkBroad
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