Insights with Seitz - Chris Seitz

Throughout the world, churches gathering to worship will hear passages from scripture read aloud in a pattern of Old Testament lesson, Psalm, New Testament lesson, and a reading from one of the four Gospels. This practice has deep roots in the life of the Christian Church and when Jesus stood to read from the prophet Isaiah and offer commentary, he was following the synagogue practice of orderly reading through the Law and the Prophets. Great thought and care have gone into the selection of these readings, with a goal to set before the faithful as much scripture, from across the Bible, as is possible Sunday to Sunday, over a three-year cycle. This year we follow the Gospel of Mark and the readings chosen to provide background, illustration, prophecy and fulfilment and what in general the New Testament refers to when it speaks of Jesus Christ in “accordance with the scriptures.” About Chris Seitz: Christopher R. Seitz is an Old Testament scholar and theologian known for his work in biblical interpretation and theological hermeneutics. He is the senior research professor of biblical interpretation at Toronto School of Theology, Wycliffe College.
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