Work Stories Project - Carol Xu

Most mainstream models of work are not sustainable and often waste a great deal of human potential. Grateful for the privilege of receiving a PhD education studying the sociology and psychology of work at Stanford University, Carol Xu would like to give something back to society. Drawing from the fields of organizational behavior, sociology and psychology of work, and design thinking, she curates a broad spectrum of the human experience of work, from work burnout and depression to pursuing our life purpose, joy, and mastery at work. We will also explore new professions, novel work designs, and radical ways of organizing people and resources that encourage human thriving. Carol hopes that by learning from real-world stories, we can all bring some insights to our work life, design new ways to organize people and work, and ignite the imagination of others. A new episode will be released every two to five weeks. While you're waiting for the next episode, experiment with one take-away you picked up from the last episode and share your experience with Carol at Collectively, let's re-imagine what work can be for you, your loved ones, and society as a whole!
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