The Princes That Were Promised - ActionPacked!Podcasts

Born amidst salt and smoke- just off the Long Island Expressway- beneath a bleeding star... The Princes That Were Promised discuss the History of Westeros and The Known World. Join John and Seannie-Wan every week as they share their thoughts and observations for beginners and novices to #GRRM's 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' including analysis of the TV adaptation 'Game of Thrones' and all production news for HBO's Earth-shattering series. Any update to the break-neck speed of #GRRM's writing that trickles from the void, or any fantasy/science-fiction property of Royal interest can also be the topic of Royal conversation. Bend the knee and swear fealty to: The Wardens of Long Island, The Watchers on the Couch, The Lords of Chit-Chat-- The Princes That Were Promised Visit The Red Keep at Call the Banners at Get an Education from The Citadel at Send a Raven @PrincesPromised
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