My Comic Shop History - Flat Squirrel Productions

My Comic Shop History is a podcast hosted by filmmaker Anthony Desiato (My Comic Shop DocumentARy, By Spoon!, Wacky Man, and the upcoming My Comic Shop Country) exploring the business, culture, and fandom of the comics retail industry. In Season 1, a comic book store fell, a community united, and a podcast was born. Each subsequent season of the podcast has tackled a distinct part of the comics industry: collecting (Season 2), national comics retail (Season 3), and comic conventions (Season 4). Season 5, “My County’s Comic Shop History,” premieres in Spring 2019 and will tell the story of Westchester through its lost comic book stores. Additional podcast subseries, including My Comic Shop Book Club, My Super Fan History, Beyond My Comic Shop, and the My Comic Shop History After Show, are available year-round exclusively on the My Comic Shop History Patreon page.
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