Dark Illumination Report (Theistic Satanism Podcast) - RJ Womack (Brother Nero)

The Dark Illumination Report Podcast is a bi-monthly religious Satanism podcast hosted by RJ Womack (Brother Nero). RJ is a polytheist who recognizes Satan/Lucifer as the chief deity of his pantheon. While most of his religious practices center around the worship of Satan, RJ regards all demonic entities as Gods in their own right. RJ believes it was these entities led by Satan who bestowed free will and self-awareness upon mankind. For this reason and many others, he believes that Satan and the entities who serve him are worthy of respect and worship. RJ rejects the Christian view of Satan as a malevolent force who is out to destroy mankind. For him, Satan is a God of knowledge and wisdom, a God of nature and balance, and a God of the spiritual and material world. The Dark Illumination Report podcast is dedicated to promoting religious Satanism as a serious faith and way of life. The goal of the show is to elevate religious Satanism to a higher level while staying true to the essence of religious Satanism. In the past, religious Satanism has been regarded as the domain of disgruntled adolescent metalheads, people who hate society, or individuals who just have a desire to rebel against their mommy and daddy. This is not that kind of podcast. The show provides listeners with a unique perspective on Satanism by approaching the subject with an attitude reminiscent of medieval Satanism, traditional witchcraft, and ancient paganism. It's a show for religious Satanists who are proud of who they are and serious about what they do, with a deep respect and reverence for Satan and his demons. Each episode is intended to be a source of encouragement for those who worship Satan/Lucifer, the devil, as their God, and seek a more spiritual way of life. Because each Satanist must find their own approach to Satanism, and each individual relationship with Satan is a highly personal thing, RJ does not tell people how they should practice. Instead, he offers listeners advice and encourages people to develop a personal relationship with the spirits. He believes the only way to become a religious Satanist is by developing a personal relationship with the Gods. The Dark Illumination Report podcast emphasizes religion over philosophy, spirituality over magic, and a devotion to Satan equal to the devotion to one's self. In other words, it puts the focus of Satanism back on Satan where it belongs. The Dark Illumination Report Podcast is produced in six-episode seasons. New episodes are released every other month on the last Sunday of the month. The second season will begin on Sunday, June 24, 2018. We're always looking for unique and interesting religious Satanists to interview on our podcast. If you would like to be a guest on the show, or you know someone who would contact us at: rjwo@protonmail.com
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