The Scott Alan Turner Show | Get Out of Debt Faster, Save More Money, Retire Rich - Scott Alan Turner's personal finance show includes cats, Star Trek, grilling tips, and everything else you won’t find on Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, or Suze Orman

Listen to Financial Rock Star if you want to hear SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE expert personal finance advice on how to get out of debt faster, save money, budget, invest, and retire early. A money show with a rock-n-roll edge inspired by Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, and Suze Orman. The down-to-earth discussion about money is entertaining and inspiring whether you are earning your first dollar or are wondering where to stash a pile of cash. To be a part of the show and get your personal finance questions answered, head over to Scott went from being a money moron to becoming debt free at age 35 (no mortgage!) and a self-made millionaire with 15 years of personal financial knowledge. He’s been featured on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Radical Personal Finance. Now he wants to help you wherever you are in your financial journey to achieve your financial, business, and life goals.
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