Kehillat Yeshua Weekly Drashes - Kehillat Yeshua

Kehillat Yeshua is a Messianic congregation based in Western North Carolina. We are a congregation of Brothers and sisters in Yeshua comprised of both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds, but now one in Messiah. Our mission is to glorify the God Of Yisra'el and to see His Messiah; Yeshua, and His Torah (instruction) lifted up so that everyone who wishes to take hold of Adonai's Covenants may be equipped to do so. We believe that the Torah of Adonai has not been abolished, and the observance of it is still the valid expression of a Godly faith (Matt. 5:16-19)...not as a means of Salvation, but as the God-given path of sanctification. Torah observance is not the root of our salvation, but rather the fruit of our salvation
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