Millennial Hunter Podcast - Millennial Hunter

Many people think the millennial generation is a bunch of punks who are lazy, impatient, entitled, and demanding. Many people also think that hunters are uneducated, buck-toothed, rednecks, who have no concern for wildlife. Well as a millennial and as a hunter, I want to get rid of these stereotypes. The Millennial Hunter Podcast is a platform which focuses on every day, normal millennials and hunters who don't fall under society's biased views. Millennial Hunter is an idea of building a community for those who believe in working hard and pushing towards one's goals. This podcast covers topics on everything hunting, and also delves into the lives of numerous millennial-age men and women who break the Generation Y mold. Millennial Hunter is a place for hunters and non-hunters, millennials and non-millennials to come together, settle differences, find common ground, and build lasting relationships.
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