The Think Orange Podcast | A Podcast For Family, Next Generation, Children's and Student Ministry Leaders -

The Think Orange Podcast is for ministry leaders, pastors, church volunteers, parents, and educators – anyone who wants to impact the faith of the next generation. Each episode, we’ll share ideas presented at our live events, The Orange Conference and Orange Tour. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on conversations with ministry and life stage experts as they unpack insights, principles and strategies that will empower, inspire, challenge and may even change the way you view and lead the next generation. Featured guests include Reggie Joiner; Carey Nieuwhof; Sherry Surratt; Doug Fields; Kristen Ivy; Geoff Surratt; Brooklyn Lindsey; Adam Duckworth; Sue Miller; and Frank Bealer. We’ll also be answering your questions, ensuring that your voice is heard and your ministry issues are addressed. Increase your influence with kids and teenagers; start thinking orange. For free resources and show notes, visit
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