Lave Om: Living Change w/ Colleen St. Michaels - Colleen St. Michaels

The Lave Om podcast is meant to inspire you to live Lave Om - living change. We are bringing you the life-changing tools and information to tap into the intuitive grue within. Each episode will leave you empowered as you learn how to apply subtle practices to peel back the layers of life that have you feeling stuck and confused. Your host Colleen St. Michaels, Spiritual Intuitive, Medium, Author and Intuitive Development Expert will share with you what she has taught her clients in private practice and her student for the last decade, Colleen is able to bring clarity to our chaos and show you the most effective way to feel motivated and supported as you heal the past emotional baggage that has you feeling stuck and frustrated. You will discover how to live LAVE OM with confidence, direction, and motivation.
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