Your Daily Trump - Scott McVarish

Republicans have systematically and effectively attacked the right to vote and to hold free and fair elections in federal and many state governments since 2009. Republicans have used the REDMAP program to conduct extreme gerrymandering, the CROSSCHECK program among other to suppress voters, used Citizens United to flood elections with untraceable money and now allowing unchecked Russian interference with our elections. Democrats are now shut out of any hope of governing (meaning, holding majorities in Congress and the Presidency at the same time, let alone state government). Our priority must be to hold the Republican party accountable for this attack on our democracy. Democrats now need to beat Republicans by 14% nationally to achieve 50%+1 of the seat in Congress. This requires a massive rejection, even revulsion toward Republicans by the electorate. Their attack on Democracy and Trump’s collusion with the Russians are the only possible issues that can make voters angry enough. Democrats must then impeach the President, restore the right to vote for everyone & again run free & fair elections. Otherwise, without free and fair elections, our democracy simply ceases.
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