Alchemy For Life - Author Mark Bradford

This podcast is for anyone wanting more control of their life, having too much stress, not feeling in control, not having the time, energy or resources to do what they want. It will help you get you more time, energy and resources, allow you to do what you want, reduce your stress. The podcast is a series of how to's, observations, and information that provides tangible doable solutions to your lack of time, your out of control schedule and your scrambling to find the energy to cope with your day to day life. Unlike standard "life coaching" and self help stuff,this podcast will actually give you tangible action items you can do that will give you what you want - time energy and resources, and reduce stress. Based on the http://www.AlchemyFor.Life concept. Articles at If you'd like to be part of the call in podcast, send an email to, with your full name and a short description of your question regarding balance. Subscribe for regular episodes.
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