I'm Sick, Not Crazy with Jennifer James, MFT - Jennifer James, MFT

I'm Sick, Not Crazy with Jennifer James, MFT is a podcast about the fact that you can take control of your own healing. Yes, you. The importance of this message is astronomical. Everyone gets sick, but many get sick in ways that don’t fit into the box of the Western Medicine model. For broken bones, infections, and surgical needs, going to the doctor for treatment is necessary and effective. However, for people who are suffering from difficult to treat or “mysterious” illnesses, the message from Western Medicine is that there isn’t anything to be done, a disempowering and disheartening message. Worse, many of these sick people receive the message that they are somehow to blame for what they are experiencing, and shame is added to the stress of their illnesses. For the thousands of people who fall into the latter category, Western Medicine isn’t the place to look for help, but there are other effective and well researched ways to seek treatment that traditional doctors and nurses often don’t share. In my podcast, I offer education for people as to how alternative treatments such as energy healing, yoga, and chiropractic can benefit them in immediate and tangible ways so that they can step away from their pain and illness and step toward a happier and healthier life.
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