Just the Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach - With 25 years in radio as a host, award-winning producer, director of top-talent and broadcast instructor, Tim Wohlberg can help you sound more like podcast hosts Sarah Koenig, Marc Maron, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas.

Tim Wohlberg is a podcast talent coach who helps podcasters be better podcast hosts. Each episode this broadcasting and radio veteran offers one simple tip that a podcaster can use to gain mic confidence, grow their audience and sound more like a pro. With a weekly podcast, these podcast presenter tips will help podcasters get better every time they hit record. If you want to sound more professional and grow your podcast audience, he’s got just the tip for you. For more podcaster improvement tips, to have your podcast professionally critiqued or to hire Tim Wohlberg as your podcast talent coach, visit podcastperformancecoach.com.
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