Voices Film & TV Podcast - Wes Candela

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PODCAST WITH HEADPHONES (OR EARBUDS) Each podcast is mastered using reference quality in-ear studio monitors, and are intended to be listened to with headphones to get the best sonic experience from each episode. (Mixing process details below.) Voices Film & TV Blog: - http://voicesfilm.com The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast: - http://voicesfilm.com/feed/podcast/ - A blog & podcast that celebrates #film #movies #television Voices is a blog & podcast, devoted to the celebration of Film (Cinema, Movies) & Television...Visual Storytelling...in all its forms. On the podcast, as with the blog, we passionately discuss what we are excited about, what we want to share with you. Some content is random, pulled from history. Some is Current. It all depends on what is speaking to us at the time. And we live and breathe this stuff, as any cinephile does, so we never know what's next up for the episodes, or what topic is going to pop up during the conversation between Oldboy and myself. Chapters of "The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast" are released as often as we possibly can. We could put them all out as is, but if it isn't sonically perfect...it doesn't get released Period. That does unfortunately mean there is downtime between chapters...but our standards are high, and being that we have full time jobs, we are at the mercy of time. Aren't we all. However, when a new episode is released, put on those headphone and enjoy because we've worked long and hard on creating a sonically immersive experience for you. We ask you to please: 1. Listen with the best headphones you have available 2. To please leave us a rating and review on iTunes or anywhere you may hear "The Wes & Oldboy Chronicles Podcast". That would be of tremendous help to us, and may even allow us to get these podcasts out on a weekly basis. Thank you in advance for listening and reading... we love you all to bits. Talk Hard. Leave your mark. - Wes Candela, December 2016 Our Recording Process For The Audiophiles: We digitally record each track individually at 24bit/48KHz. We then take each track: - Oldboy's stereo vocal track - Wes's stereo vocal track - A stereo movie clips track - A stereo music track Import the (4) 24bit, 48KHz stereo audio tracks into a multitrack audio session in Adobe Audition to assemble, synchronize, mix and master the final 2 channel, 24bit, 48KHz Master Episode mix. From that master we create a stereo, 48KHz, 256 to 320kbps .MP3 file for uploading to iTunes. The podcasts take time to record, but much more time to edit and polish. We strive to create an immersive experience for the listener. We come to celebrate Film & Television...not to slam it. We have the upmost respect for the teams of people that work behind screens to bring us the films and long format series that we celebrate. Now...while we don't set out to slam, occasionally (often) Oldboy and I have differences of opinion (we get right up in each other's faces). That's when The Chronicles become a bit heated. But we're passionate, we keep it real and speak our hearts and minds. No filters. Just pure expression. That's about it. Again, if you dig what we do, please write us a review on iTunes here: https://pcr.apple.com/id989580803
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