Enlightened The Podcast by Sophia Spallino | Inspiration, Encouragement, & Intentional Conversations - Sophia Spallino

Think of Sophia as a soul sister that shares encouraging words, inspiring stories, life, and love advice, progressive Christian conversations, and even guided affirmations and meditations with her original harp music. Spiritual, meditation episodes are accompanied by original harp music that calls you into blissful balance. These audible experiences will help you cultivate a safe place in your everyday life for ritualizing self-care and practicing self-love, as well as inspiring spiritual growth from a modern, open-minded, extremely progressive Christian perspective. Let me in enlighten you...You're going to grow from this show! Listen and feel connection. You are not alone. This show is written, produced, and edited by me, Sophia Spallino. All harp music is either classic hymns or original compositions written and performed by myself. Thank you for supporting my labor of love with a 99¢ HONOR SYSTEM SUBSCRIPTION. Because creating inspiring content demands my time, creativity, resources, and talent, I depend on honest and generous listeners like you to keep the show advertisement free. I don't want to interrupt guided meditations or conversations with ads to sell you anything; so after you sample my podcast, kindly support Enlightened for as little as $.99/mo by tapping here: http://bit.ly/SupportEnlightened *you may cancel at anytime* Learn more about me and what I do: https://www.SophiaSpallino.com Please follow me on Instagram for inspiring real-life stories everyday: https://www.instagram.com/sophiaspallino/
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