The Good People Effect: Self Improvement Podcast - Michael Barticel

This podcast is based on that old proverb "inner growth takes place when you surround yourself with the right people" The intention behind each episode is to provide a space, where people can connect, hear from other interesting humans and maybe pick up a thing or two, to push them towards a positive direction within their own lives. I’m learning and growing with each new conversation and I want to share this with as many people as I can. Open-minded thinking. Conscious connection. Growth from within the shared stories and experiences of other real humans. Every week a good human or high-level thinker shares their inner wisdom and unique experiences on topics like: Philosophy Mindfulness Spirituality Mother Earth / Nature Freedom / Lifestyle Design Creative Thinking Human Connection Consciousness Focus and Mental Clarity Adventurous, Purposeful Living Subscribe, download and stay tuned for weekly conversations. Join the tribe: Instagram: @today.dreamer
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