Phone Losers of America - RedBoxChiliPepper

The Phone Losers of America show features guests taking phone calls from our listeners. In the past we've featured beloved comedians Jiad from Calls of Mass Confusion, JagTV from the JagTV network, Staci from the Fun Show, and Carlito from Madhouse Live. A new show happens every week or so, and we take your phone calls live on the air at 845-470-0336. The Phone Losers of America have been producing content on the internets for over 20 years, usually in the form of regular podcasts featuring phone pranks, hax0ring, phone related news, and whatever else the Phone Losers of America happen to be up to. This podcast feed also syndicates other PLA-related shows, such as The Snow Plow Show, Mr. Dobalina's Wonderful World of Prank Calls, Hobosodes, and Brad's Cactus Shack.
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