Navigating the Fustercluck - Navigating the Fustercluck

Navigating the Fustercluck It’s simple but not easy. That’s the paradox of the creative world. At its core, it’s nothing more than problem/solution with a twist. Very simple stuff, right? So, if it’s so simple, why isn’t it equally as easy? In a nutshell: human beings. Even with our bulging frontal lobes and opposable thumbs, we find a way to muck things up. Creating one big fustercluck. Sadly, there’s no solvent or spray to untangle this hairball of human folly. But what is offered here is some clear, solid advice written in plain, simple peoplespeak by me- Wegs, the Anti-Guru, to help you navigate the fustercluck that drives many creatives crazy, if it doesn’t drive you out of the business first. Every 10-15-minute podcast contains overlooked, bite-sized insights for creative types like you. Some may surprise you. Some may inspire you. And hopefully, many will be of use to you, whether you’re an actual creative or someone who realizes that innovation and creativity is key to any business. Taken together, these snackable nuggets should shave years off your learning curve. Helping you step around the landmines, so you can focus on the work. The thing that drew you to creativity in the first place. So, please listen in, offer feedback and help spread the word about Navigating the Fustercluck. Helping Creatives Keep Their Heads.
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