The Garbage Barge Podcast - Colin Anderson and Candice Chetta

The Garbage Barge is a podcast that aims to help the world be a better place. I mean, we're going to drink a lot of wine and laugh a ton while we do it. But, ultimately, we'd really just like to help everyone be a slightly better human being! As the co-captains of The Garbage Barge, we (<a href=””Colin Anderson</a> and <a href=””Candice Chetta</a>,) come to the table and lay all of their own trash out for everyone to see. "We know we're garbage," is something you'll hear come out of our mouths. Often. When you hop on the Barge, you can expect to hear about anything from slut shaming to politics to Bravo TV. Especially Bravo TV. We're looking at the larger problematic social issues through lenses that make things more accessible. The Garbage Barge will always be the first place to grab your current events and news, in depth interviews and profiles and guest speakers, as well as larger conversations about social constructs and structural inequality. The Garbage Barge releases every Wednesday at 6am, EST. On Saturdays, be sure you stay tuned because we've got even more for you! The Strug Boat comes out every single Saturday at 6am, EST, and is the lighter side of The Garbage Barge. Make sure you tune in on #StrugBoatSaturday for The Strug Boat when we talk about reality television news and drama, tarot and other cartomancy methods, jokes and pop culture trends, and do lots more drinking than we do on the Barge! We keep the laughs flowing with our wine (or beer. or cocktails.) and cut loose after a rough week for The Strug Boat. Everyone deserves a little break on the weekends. (Or anytime, really.) We're on <a href=””iTunes<a/>, <a href=””Stitcher Radio</a>, and <a href=””GooglePlay</a>. You can also listen directly through our website on our blog page. You can find us on <a href=””Twitter</a>, <a href=””Facebook</a> and <a href=””Instagram</a> or email us directly at thegarbagebarge at gmail dot com. We'd love to hear from you and encourage your participation! We can make this even better together, ya'll!
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