The Garbage Barge Podcast - Colin Anderson and Candice Chetta

The Garbage Barge is a podcast that aims to help the world be a better place. I mean, we’re going to drink a lot of wine and laugh a ton while we do it. But, ultimately, we’d really just like to help everyone be slightly better human beings! As the co-captains of The Garbage Barge, we (Colin Anderson and Candice Chetta,) come to the table and lay all of their own trash out for everyone to see. “We know we’re garbage,” is something you’ll hear come out of our mouths. Often. The Garbage Barge is a long format, independently produced, queer podcast out of Brooklyn, New York. The Garbage Barge comes out every Wednesday at 6am, EST. When you tune in to the Barge, you can hope to hear topics ranging from slut shaming to politics to the global warming, as well as LGBTQIA+ related content. After we’ve sufficiently done the work on the heavier topics, we’ll segue into a brand new segment called Criminy River! Criminy River gives us the chance to share the single most ludicrous thing the each of us has heard all week - roll your eyes along with the absurdity. Finally, everyone’s favorite, we wrap up our episodes with our beloved Strug Boat segment. The Strug Boat gives us all the chance to unwind a little and really settle into those rose spritzers for the evening. It’s time for cartomancy and Tarot, Bravo TV and pop culture drama as we jump headfirst into the lighter side of The Garbage Barge. Every segment is lovingly timestamped in the show notes, so no one needs to listen to anything they don’t want to! We know at least a couple of you are hardcore Strug Boat fans, and we don’t blame you! ;]
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