Storybro's Magically Lewd Sleepover Adventure - Levi Kerns, Storybro

This story was originally a set of greentext novels that were told live on 4chan, across a multitude of postings and amid the chaos of quips, squabbles, and near constant feedback from thousands of anonymous readers. Every post was punctuated with a revoltech Woody figurine causing various mischief, who quickly became the story’s mascot. Each thread was archived; the author’s commentary, explanations, and expositions revealed in real time. It’s a different kind of story entirely than what you’re used to reading. Hopefully that’s a good thing. These are stories from the author's life. Put bluntly, they are the tales of an anon and his attempts to survive a sleepover and a road-trip with his group of all-female friends. They are coming of age, and wisdom garnering stories; many of my first experiences are outlined here, many of my private moments and mental revelations are told throughout the tales. The friends, enemies, relationships, lies, and most prominently lewd events that occurred in teenage years where drama, chaos, manipulation, fighting, and sexual tension WAS the way we communicated. Life changes, people grow up, and things happen. I find that telling these stories helped me cope with the eventual events at the end; that the anonymous feedback and readers enjoying the tale have alleviated my fears of doing wrong and always being at fault for many of these events. Even if the majority of it was faulty logic, lies, manipulation, and abuse that we all put one another through. I dedicate these stories to the readers that enjoy them, and the friend that these tales-of-my-past circle around. She is the only reason I am around today to tell you this story.
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