Self-Sufficient Life: Homesteading | Preparedness | Prepping | Simple Living - Tim Young: Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Modern Homesteader

Many people desire to opt-out of the rat race and become more self-reliant, but there’s a problem: How do you afford to take the leap? Similar to narrative podcasts such as This American Life, Self-Sufficient Life narrates stories of people who figured out how to make money homesteading through sustainable farming, cheese and soap making, pastured livestock and other “traditional” farming enterprises. But it also features insightful stories of modern homesteaders who earn money through prepping and preparedness, podcasting, YouTube channels, authoring, selling online courses, blogging and other “non-traditional” ways. If you dream of starting a small farm, becoming a modern homesteader, or just want more freedom in a simple life connected to nature, Self-Sufficient Life will inspire you to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur. Hosted by Tim Young of
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