Security In-Focus - Thomas Carnevale

The Leading Resource on Physical Security Systems, Technology, and Best Practices for Professional Security Systems. This Podcast is intended for End-Users who are Responsible for Securing Facilities, People, Products, and Information. Information and Experiences shared by the host and special guests who are experts in various areas of security system technology (Enterprise Video Surveillance, Facial Recognition, Access Control Systems, Emergency Response Software) along with Emergency Preparedness Training (Active Shooter), Health & Saftey Procedures, Security Team Building, Risk Assessments, Cyber Security Vulnerabilities, IoT Security and loss prevention. We fully intend for this Podcast to be educational, informative, and deliver actionable insights while maintaining vendor/brand neutrality. From time-to-time, we may introduce novel technology we feel would be of value to our listeners, solves a significant problem in the Security Industry. At no time is the host or sponsor of this program being paid to promote products.
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