The Mama Advantage Podcast - Megan Flatt

Welcome to the Mama Advantage! The podcast where we explore the sometimes radically feeling notion that motherhood is actually an asset to everything we do, not the liability we are saddled with, especially in entrepreneurship. Is being a business owner hard work, yes. Is being a mom a huge job in itself? Totally. Put them together and I won’t lie...its a challenge. But I believe we are fully capable of loving and raising our families while loving and growing our businesses. Each week, I’ll bring you a new episode with myself and two amazing co-hosts, who are all Mama CEOs - running businesses and raising families. We’ll discuss what the Mama Advantage means to them and how they are practicing it, even if they didn’t realize it. We’ll talk about what is inspiring us, and what is frustrating us. We’ll be real, transparent and we’ll figure this Mama Advantage thing out together. Thank you for coming on this journey as we uncover just what is the Mama Advantage.
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