Kaijuvision Radio - Brian Scherschel, Nathan Marchand

Brian Scherschel and Nathan Marchand chronologically, critically, and academically examine a giant monster film in each episode, starting with the Godzilla (or Gojira) franchise. It's impossible to talk about Godzilla without talking about Japan, and Japan is just as unique as Godzilla, so we’ll be discussing its history and culture and how it influenced the Godzilla film franchise, which is a great way to find out more about Japan. Gojira is the most complex and multifaceted kaiju ever created, and it means so many things to many people. Not only is Gojira a powerful symbol of nuclear weapons and disasters, but most of these movies are an expression of the Japanese national spirit. They take a fascinating journey reassessing the Godzilla franchise, and since these movies are often anchored in the time they were released, they tell you what these movies are communicating about Japan.
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