Social Enterprise: A Lawyer's Perspective - Allen Bromberger

“Social Enterprise: A Lawyer’s Perspective” is led by Allen Bromberger, Partner, Perlman + Perlman, nationally recognized for his groundbreaking work on the development of nonprofit and for-profit legal structures that support the simultaneous pursuit of financial and social goals. Allen has been at the forefront of the fourth sector and social enterprise movements that have risen to prominence in recent years. This series shares how impact investors, family offices, social entrepreneurs, foundations, philanthropists, social enterprises, and socially responsible businesses can take advantage of the law as a resource to empower their positive social impact. About the Host, Allen Bromberger, Partner, Perlman + Perlman Through his 35 years of legal practice, as author of The Art of Social Enterprise, and as a frequent speaker about the intersection of business and philanthropy, Allen’s expertise in corporate matters and business transactions includes social venture formation, finance, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, strategic philanthropy, cause marketing, IP licensing, and regulatory compliance. Before joining Perlman & Perlman, Allen served as President of Power of Attorney, a private operating foundation in New York City, and as Executive Director of Lawyers Alliance for New York, a public interest law firm. From foundations and family offices to funds and entrepreneurs, Allen offers counsel and serves as a trusted advisor and connector for his clients. Allen’s ambition is to build legal systems for social benefit that will thrive for years to come. Engage with Allen on LinkedIn or Twitter @abromberger.
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