Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate | Breaking the Chains of Ordinary - Jeremy Ryan Slate: Influenvice Top Online Influencer and Host of CYOL

Create Your Own Life has been featured in Addicted 2 Success, Forbes,, INC and featured as CIO Magazine's Top Entrepreneur Podcast to listen to in 2017. I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. Its been my biggest flaw and biggest asset. In this podcast, I want to give you actionable things that you can do, not just more fluff, there’s too much of that out there. CYOL will give you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms. Are you ready for the ride?
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