Redefining Health & Wellness - Shohreh Davoodi

In this podcast, Shohreh Davoodi, a HAES-informed Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified Personal Trainer, explores the limiting messages we receive about health and wellness and the harm those messages can cause. The podcast exposes common myths and misconceptions about health and wellness and critiques the diet culture and wellness culture that we're living in. Shohreh's goal is to help her listeners redefine health and wellness for themselves by delving into all the aspects of health that often get ignored, including mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, sexual health, financial health, social health, environmental health, and occupational health. While the podcast is focused on health and wellness, Shohreh recognizes that neither health nor wellness is a moral obligation and that they can’t be discussed in a vacuum - they are affected by racism, sexism, capitalism, ageism, classism, and more.
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