Story Time with Pastor Deborah – Agape Love Ministry - Pastor Deborah Schleich

Podcast about The One. The One who Created Through His Heart of Agape Love and His Mind of Eternal Wisdom and Light Creation Itself. Learn about the Source, The Father of Life and Agape Love and His Deep Inner Desires to Have A Kingdom and to Rule and Reign by Righteousness, Mercy, Justice, Joy and Peace through and bound by Agape Love. Hear about a heart that desired to be a Father of many eternal children/his spiritual offspring/his very own image and likeness bound by the Law of A Mother, Agape Love. Hear the Deep Inner Thoughts about Birthing New Life and All of Creation and the Great Love It Would Have to have to hold on to it's desires through long times of being forgotten, forsaken, mocked, replaced by others and hated for being a Father, a King and The Healer of Broken Hearts. Listen and Learn of The Eternal Father, The Most High God.
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