Radio8Ball - Andras Jones

Radio8Ball is a Pop Oracle hosted by ANDRAS JONES. We answer questions by picking songs at random, like picking musical tarot cards. Every episode features a musical guest like Inara George or Jon Auer performing the songs and discussing the synchronicities. Each episode features 8 questions that are released individually as daily podcasts. The questions are asked by guests like Pamela Adlon and Viggo Mortensen, or like you. What's your question for The Pop Oracle? __________________ MUSIC CREDITS: Radio8Ball Theme Song, We Love 8, Pick A Card & Radio8Coin Written by Andras Jones Performed by VARIOUS ARTISTS The Mooche Written by Duke Ellington Performed by Double Naught Spy Car In Walked Bud, Out Walked Bud Written By Thelonius Monk Performed by Double Naught Spy Car Vox 1 Written & Performed by Bart Davenport
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