Modern Photo Solutions - Modern Photo Solutions for Life's Photographic Journey

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of phone photos you are taking and don't have much to show for them, you are in the right place! Steph has inspired and helped thousands of people through their photographic journey and mastered a system of her own that has helped her create 500, album-ready, pages of memories a year for the past two years; and it was all done on her phone. She is here to help guide you through your journey to find simple phone photo solutions that fit your life right now. Taking you from photo overwhelm to solutions in just a few taps! Steph is sharing tools, apps, and technology she has tried herself while guiding others through their journey in photo solution discovery and recording it live to inspire you. Interviewing guests that have found their own phone photo solutions. Listen to these guests share the journey through their process and why it works for them. Making learning how to use your phone and technology not only less intimidating but doable for anyone. Helping you discover ways to automate your phone photos (storing, backing up, organizing); your memories; and your stories in simple ways that don't rob you of your time. Note: This is not your mother's scrapbooking we are talking about! Find the transcripts for the show on
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