Gods Message on the Web - AlSayr

I am AlSayr, your unlikely guide into the worlds of religion, myth, and magic. Join us as we take a tough look at the Bible and cut through some tough issues. My first podcast, Free to be just a Christian breaks down the walls and will start you on your way to Freedom in Christ. I hope you will join us for these important topics. Is Hell really eternal torture? I do not believe so. I think everyone will be pleased with the biblical results from these studies. We will go through religious conspiracies and more. As soon as God introduced his personal relationship plan to the world, there were those at the ready to oppose it, they are the new Pharisees of this generation. These new Pharisees, men and women alike, trade freedom in Jesus Christ for a religious rule book. They do not have a personal relationship with God or Jesus, but they know somebody who does. Some have been deceived into believing we need to belong to a certain branch of Christianity to find God. Nothing could be further from the actual truth. God tells us himself that He does not live in buildings made by hands, however, he made room to live in our hearts.
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