Places of Legend Podcast - Places of Legend Podcast

The Places of Legend podcast offers listeners a unique way of exploring out-of-the-way and overlooked places with surprising stories to tell. Our aim is to turn history inside out—to enchant forgotten places and to peel back the legends from places that we’ve all heard about. Our background is in archaeology, history, and cultural heritage as it is usually understood. But in Places of Legend we aim to upend the normal relationship between past, present, and future: with an ever-evolving series of stories about long-lost memories, unmasked misconceptions, and unexpected twists of fate that reveal the persistence of the past. We dig into the sensations that hint at that persistence -- from the skin-prickling tingle as we turn the corner on a certain street to the faint whiff of burnt sweetness in the air on an otherwise normal winter day to the rustle we hear as we try to fall asleep in an old hotel room. We believe that such sensations -- and the mysterious or spooky aura that such places often carry hint at an undercurrent of past memories and stories that are yearning to be told again. This podcast brings such stories back to the surface of our consciousness.
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