Plan to Feel Great - Changing mindset, improving health and losing weight - Dr. Lauren Crigler

Are you ready to crack your personal code for staying active, healthy and fit? Genetics and family history don’t make all the rules. Learn how to OWN your health! Dr. Lauren Crigler has been in the trenches of poor health: severe back pain, pregnancy issues, and difficulty with weight loss and management. Rather than accepting any of those as fate, she had a different path. She became a personal trainer and running coach. She majored in nutrition, focused on psychology and went on to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her drive to create better mental and physical health proved to be successful beyond expectation. And… she is passionate about helping YOU do the same! Through a decade of keeping journals of patient problems, interventions and their outcomes, she found an important pattern: mindset is EVERYTHING. And making plans is the key to success. She knows her niches well: back pain, pelvic issues, pregnancy and weight loss. But more importantly, she brings to the table her experience with goals setting, planning and mindset. Whether you want to improve your health and fitness, or dig deeper into how to create great mental and physical health…click subscribe so you can follow along and Plan to Feel Great!
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