The Pursuit of Perfection Podcast - Tim Dixon and China McCarney

Welcome to The Pursuit of Perfection Podcast hosted by Tim Dixon and China McCarney. The POP Podcast is for those striving for something bigger no matter the arena. China and Tim lay out tools and concepts to implement in life to get closer to the best version of yourself. There will be no sugarcoating, no grey area and no fluff. If you are not ok with being challenged, being uncomfortable or being called out, the POP podcast is not for you. If you are ready to embrace the grind, battle each day, and ready to start feeling more fulfillment than you ever have before, you are in the right place. Tim and China will bring the ingredients to a more successful life based on years of education, professional athletics and working with clients in multiple professional fields. It is up to you on what you are going to do with those ingredients and what you are going to achieve. An average process yields average results. Embrace the journey on becoming ELITE. It starts NOW!
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