The Empowered in Color Podcast: Helping People of Color Thrive in Business and in Life - Kriselle G | Empowered in Color

Empowered in Color is dedicated to helping people of color thrive in both business and in life. The core of Empowered in Color is positive representation. As a society we are just now discovering the importance and power of positive representation, and we want to do the same when it comes to work. We want you to see other people working in different industries making a name for themselves and doing great things, and we want you to be reminded that it is possible for you too. Empowered in Color strives to be a place to find people you can support or purchase products/services from marginalized groups. It strives to be a place where you can connect or collaborate with someone who looks like you. It strives to be a place where you can come into a community and not be "othered" for being who you are. It strives to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the people around us.
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