FaithWorks - City on a Hill

Many followers of Jesus struggle with where faith begins and works end. Or, to put it another way, where our works should begin because faith begans. With so many it must be one or the other - all faith or all works, or religious efforts of some kind. To help us sort through our confusion is the book of James. James is not another epistle like the ones written by Paul or Peter or John. It’s like a sermon written in an old school wisdom literature style, like what you find in the Original Testament. James writes in a quick fire, easy to remember way that addresses what we need most. A faith filled way to live each day that keeps believers set apart from the world and living in a way that enacts faith the way it should be. Join us as we learn more from James on how our FaithWorks - to keep both our faith alive and our works working. "We Made It" by Scott Holmes
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