Monday Morning Quarterbacks - Monday Morning Quarterbacks

In 1963 a man had a dream that became known as a masterpiece of rhetoric. It quoted from his country’s most sacred documents. It inspired a nation. It challenged the world to seize the moment. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with us. That man’s dream was inspirational and certainly worth listening to. We, on the other hand…we’re just a couple of know-it-alls who dream of telling everyone else how they should think. Welcome to Monday Morning Quarterbacks. Why should cable news, talk radio, politicians and Kelly Ripa always get to tell you how to think? We know more than them anyway, and frankly we’re not too keen on them getting to eat all the pie. We want our piece. In a world where critical thinking isn’t taught, isn’t valued and quite frankly has left the planet, enter a couple of guys who haven’t yet had our temporal lobes or prefrontal cortexes fried by smartphone radiation. Thus, we consider ourselves the most qualified human beings left to tell you how to think. From sports to politics to what to eat for lunch to life, we always get it right, mainly because we mostly speak retrospectively. Check out our weekly podcast and ramblings and if you have comments, refer to our complaint department, who works round the clock to make sure you’re ignored. Sincerely, Uncle Rico & McLuvin’ (YOUR MMQB’s)
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