THE WEEKLY DRIVER - James Raia and Bruce Aldrich

The Weekly Driver features the new car reviews of syndicated automotive journalist James Raia as well as other automotive content — industry news to videos to regular guest contributors’ reviews. The Weekly Driver column began in 2003 as a weekly feature for a Canadian syndicate, The name transitioned into the current web site, and the weekly new car reviews are now featured on this site as well as several other sites. Highlights of content on this site are available via RSS feeds, and complete reviews are available for electronic and print syndication and reprinting with permission. A sports, travel and business journalist for more than 35 years, James has written the new car review column The Weekly Driver since 2004. An author and contributor to many print and online publications, James is also editor and publisher of An avid endurance sports athlete, alpine skier and automotive enthusiast, Bruce is editor and publisher of and
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