Roll For Combat: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast - Roll For Combat

Roll For Combat is an Actual Play Podcast where a group of life-long friends gathers together to record their adventures in a variety of games. From Dungeons and Dragons to Starfinder to Pathfinder, we play a variety of game systems. The five of us have been playing together for over a twenty years and hundreds of gaming sessions, so we know how to get the best out of each other ... and the worst! We also feature RPG reviews, tips for players and GMs, and industry interviews including recent guests Erik Mona and Thurston Hillman from Paizo. In the current season, we are playing Starfinder from Paizo and the Dead Suns adventure path. We have designed our podcast to allow you to jump into the action throughout the adventure. Either start from the very beginning at episode one or start at episode nine where we provide a recap of the adventure to date.
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