Business 101 - University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business

Welcome to Business 1O1, the podcast with the quest to understand the 1O1 of everything business and beyond. Each episode dives into one 1O1 course—such as finance, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and journalism—to learn what it is, what it is not, and why it matters so much for our lives. Along the way, listeners get the feeling of being in the class, as well as a backstage view of academia, cutting-edge research, mini comedy sketches, vocabulary clarifications, and practical tips. By the end of each episode, you'll be smarter as you’ve happily learned right along with our enthusiastic host Troy Campbell, and you'll be ready for the signature ending segment: "Now We’re Smarter." The Business 1O1 (pronounced "1 'Oh' 1") podcast is a play on the "101" term used for entry-level college courses (i.e., Physics 101, Econ 101), but with a uniquely Oregon twist (thus, the "O" for the zero in 101). With the Business 1O1 podcast you'll join us on a journey that covers the basics, as well as the cutting edge of research, in a quest to understand the 1O1 of everything. Produced by Troy Campbell Edited by Alec Cowan
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