Eastern European Cooking with LUKA - John J. Goddard

LUKA dining series founder John J. Goddard discusses Slavic and Eastern European cooking, culture and history. From recipes and cooking technique to music and language, Goddard plunges into culinary cultural immersion with passion, curiosity and humor. The LUKA pop-up dinner series was launched by Goddard in Portland, Oregon in 2009. Since then, LUKA events have taken place in Chicago and his hometown, St. Louis, where the series is now based. Event menus change frequently, but the focus stays on Slavic and Eastern European cooking. Learn more and get tickets to LUKA dining events by subscribing to the newsletter at lukadining.com. You can also join the LUKA discussion groupĀ  or follow the LUKA page on Facebook. The series also maintains a presence on Instagram and Twitter.
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