Parenting Food Allergies -

Food allergies impact the lives of millions of children. This podcast series is for food allergy parents and caregivers that need a bit of advice and support from someone who understand their struggle. Hosted by Sue, an everyday Midwestern mom whose teenaged sons have food allergies, Parenting Food Allergies will cover the questions and issues that food allergy parents face on a daily basis as their child grows up. Sue understands food allergies from a few different angles. One of her sons has had food allergies since infancy while the other developed a serious allergy at 18 years and within weeks of leaving for college. Because of this, Sue will weave in stories of her family’s experiences, both good and bad, into the episodes. Sue’s three kids (Joe, the life-long allergic child and a 13-year-old semi-professional actor; Tom, the newly allergic college kid; and Mary, the “lucky” non-allergic child) will occasionally contribute to the discussions as will her husband Kevin, other parents and of course experts within the field. A few of the topics you can expect to hear about are: diagnosis, starting school, going to parties, people not “getting it”, bullying, food allergies in the news, research, cooking, eating out and psychological aspects…a whole lot of psychological aspects. Feel free to contact Sue if you have topics or issue you would like to hear about! Parenting Food Allergies…from a mom who knows.
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