S.H.E. Thought She Could Podcast - Tabitha "Tiny Tab" James

Author, Motivator, Educator, Entrepreneur and Servant-Leader, Tabitha "Tiny Tab" James, has dedicated her life and platform to be a beacon of hope for others. She authentically shares her stories and experiences as a chance for others to see that anything is possible. Coffee junkie, mentor mom, sorority girl and researcHER. She doesn't watch t.v. and has no idea how to identify celebrities! The S.H.E. Thought She Could Podcast is an authentic way to connect with Tiny Tab through segments focusing on business, self-care and just good ol' life. She also ties in some awesome guest from time to time who have tips, advice and greats stories for women to "ahhhh" relate. Visit www.tabithadjames.com or find Tabitha on social media! www.linkedin.com/in/tabithadjames/ www.instagram.com/mstabithad_/ www.facebook.com/mstabithad/ www.pinterest.com/mstabithad/
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