Hexes & Bows Podcast - Hexes & Bows

Hexes & Bows is a nerdy podcast that discusses all kinds of tabletop games and the culture surrounding them. Every week, Gnome, Hansard, Tim, Joe and guests talk about their favorite games, upcoming releases, and more! From Dungeons and Dragons to Pretty Pretty Princess, no game is off limits. Each podcast ends in a roleplaying session featuring a bunch of cranky townsfolk griping about those pushy adventuring parties that parade through their quiet town! Be sure to check out our website at www.hexesandbows.com for updates, news, reviews, and companion information to our D&D game! We also livestream Dungeons and Dragons on www.twitch.tv/gnomedic; old episodes can be found on www.youtube.com/c/gnomedicx.
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