Getting Unstuck with Meredith Moore Crosby - Meredith Moore Crosby

As women in the workplace, we are told anything is possible—if a woman hasn't done it yet, then we can be the first. But in reality, there are still unwritten rules that make it possible to see the next step but never reach it. Sometimes we become so numb to our problems that we accept them as unchangeable—we get stuck. What if you could change your life, starting with your career? Author and former corporate executive Meredith Moore Crosby shares her perspective on overcoming your personal challenges to bring your best at work and home. Align your life with battle- tested strategies from over a decade in corporate America to manage your time, resources, and learn how to be innovative in your daily routine. Change your vision for your day with self help coaching questions to get unstuck in less than 25 minutes!
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