The Gospel Underground Podcast - Reid S. Monaghan, Jesse Furey

The great prophet Bob Dylan once echoed in a new cultural moment by declaring, "the times they are a changing." Change is rapid, constant, complex and nuanced in the way peoples and cultures are shaped. In our world many ideologies, views of the world, and understandings of reality are pitched and pivoted all around us using various methods of communication and technologies. People are shouting to be heard yet seem more separated that ever. The Gospel Underground seeks to be a dialogue taking place in the borderlands between the church and culture. People who have heard the call of Jesus have a distinct nature and existence in the world. They also need to have a distinct posture among others and the various perspectives held in our world. We hope to contribute to the conversation between people who are far from God, sought out by God and seeking God in various ways. Our hope is to have a posture of humility and service as we engage ideas in an entertaining and thoughtful way.
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