Love in America - Scotte & Toni of Lovin America

Travelers, especially motorcycle “longriders” like Scotte and Toni, often say that, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Their delighted search for America’s thoughts about life and love follow that same road. Love in America doesn't offer advice or the 10 Easy Steps to anything, but instead, brings out the wit and insights of love's diverse expressions, as told through American history, culture and the people encountered all along the America road. These are the tales of love in, and of a love with, America. Within are many laughs, a few deep thinks, and the perspectives of Americans of every stripe and hue about what makes our lives together matter. What does it mean to be happy; what is our place in the world and with one another? How do we fall and stay in love in America today - with our mates, our lives, with our deepest passions for place and purpose? Riding along on this quest, listeners will also enjoy a bit of modern frontier news and history from Lovin America's home in The Crooked Little House of Deadwood, South Dakota, and the unexpected discoveries of traveling America by Harley. Be renewed, as Scotte and Toni constantly are, by the inspiring power of Love in America!
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