Our Given Purpose - Our Given Purpose

Hello Listener, I'm so glad you're here! What is Our Given Purpose? Well, I found my purpose through God's Word and I hope to share my stories, failures, and successes with you. Life isn't easy and it wasn't meant to be. https://www.ourgivenpurpose.com began as a way of testifying to God's abundant grace, mercy, and love over me and my family. Through Christ, I have grown and I'm grateful to witness others fulfilling their God-given purposes as well. Our Given Purpose was once just a place to read faith-related articles but now, it offers adult/teen Bible study, devotionals, and is the hub for all I do through Christ. I've watched God in awesome wonder as He placed His Light over my path. Whether you are new in the faith of Christ or a seasoned Believer there is always something new to learn about how we see God and how we are to love each other. Thank you for growing with us. ~Torrie
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